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Rocky Point Zip Line

Soar 150′ over the Altar desert at Puerto Peñasco’s only zipline adventure. Come experience five daring lines—the longest zip reaches 2000′! This tour is over 1 mile of high flying fun! The Zipline Tour is the highest and longest zipline adventure in Sonora, Mexico! It consists of 5 zip lines ranging in lengths of 350′ to 2000′ and heights of up to 150′ above the desert floor.

Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and Grand Desert of Altar

Reserva de la Biosfera El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar is located 30 minutes north of Rocky Point. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most significant visible landforms in North America that can be seen from space. The area is made up of 10 large and visually prominent circular volcanic craters, peaks and cinder cones, surrounded by active dunes that can reach a height of 650 feet high. The crater known as “El Elegante” measures 4,593 feet wide. The Pinacate Biosphere receive and the Grand Desert of Altar, with its spectacular landscapes, is home to over 540 species of plants, 40 species of mammal s, 200 of birds, 40 of reptiles, also amphibians and freshwater fish. There are also species of the Sonoran Pronghorn, bighorn sheep, gila monster and desert tortoise. The Schuk Toak Visitors Center contains displays, topographical maps and an audio-visual theater with in-depth explanations of the Reserve. The Visitors Center can also provide you with information about hikes to some of the closer and more spectacular craters and amazing vistas. Fun Fact: Between 1965 and 1970, NASA astronauts were sent to this area to train for future missions to the moon because of the similarities to the lunar surface.

Old Port & Malecon

A quick 10 minute drive from Las Palmas takes you into the Old Port and Malecon areas. Park your car and stroll along the main street looking for souvenirs and Mexican crafts. Then stop for lunch or dinner at one of the many oceanfront restaurants. The view of the sparkling lights from the resorts from across the harbor is beautiful at night. This is where you’ll find the shrimp markets also. Pick out your favorite stall and let them show you want Rocky Point is famous for – Shrimp! Bring your cooler, and they’ll pack up as many kilos of shrimp on ice as you can carry!

Banana Boats & Jet Skis

There are lots of water sports and activities to do right on the beach at Las Palmas! Banana Boats Ride the banana boats! You and your friends and family of all ages can go for a banana boat ride! For $5.00 per person you can ride the waves on the banana boat as fast or slow as you like – just tell the boat driver. Jet Ski Rentals Jet Ski rentals for 1 or 2 people are available by the ½ hour or hour. Prices vary. Kayaks Take a ride on a kayak and paddle your way up and down the beach. If you’re lucky a friendly dolphin will swim up beside you! Stand Up Paddle Boards Looking for a great way to exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the Sea of Cortez at the same time? Stand Up Paddle Boards are for you!

ATV and Rhino Rentals

Looking for something to do besides water sports? Right outside the Las Palmas Resort’s front gate are two ATV and Rhino rental outlets. Even though it is prohibited to take ATV’s and Rhinos on the beach, there is a huge area of open desert for you to adventure into, which makes for a great off-roading experience. Located in Cholla Bay, the most popular place to ride is “Competition Hill” – a 300 foot long sandy hill with a 30 degree slope. Prices to rent the vehicles range between $25 to $150 depending on the type of vehicle and the length of rental time. Make sure to bring your ID.
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Night Life

If you still have the energy left after a day at the beach or the pool, there are plenty of things to do and places to go to keep you entertained in the evenings!

Elixir Bar-Lounge

Location: Mirador Area, Half a block each of Matamoros on Durango. Vibe: Upscale, modern, young locals and tourists Music: 2 Stages – Guest DJ’s – different music on each stage Cover Charge: Yes Drink Specials: Yes – Check Facebook for current specials Dress Code: Yes Food: No

Wrecked at the Reef

Location: West end of Sandy Beach just past Esmeralda Resort Vibe: Indoor/Outdoor – fire pits, laidback, casual, beach bar Music: Live Music on weekends, DJ, and televised sporting events. Cover Charge: No Dress Code: No Food: Yes


Location: Sandy Beach in front of the Sonoran Sea Vibe: Indoor/Outdoor – fire pits, laidback, casual, beach Music: Live Music on weekends, DJ, and televised sporting events. Cover Charge: No Dress Code: No Food: Yes


Location: Sandy Beach in front of the Sonoran Spa (across from Banditos) Vibe: Indoor/Outdoor – fire pits, laidback, casual, beach Music: DJ Cover Charge: No Dress Code: No Food: Yes

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