Baja & Grande Pools - "ADULTS ONLY" Schedule



On January 28, 2017, the owners of Las Palmas voted in an “Adult Only ” pool area policy proposed by one of the owners. For the purpose of this policy, an “adult” is defined as a person 18 years of age or older. The adult only pool areas will alternate between the Baja and Grande pools. Signage will be posted and security will monitor the policy.


To provide adult owners and guests of Las Palmas a pool area more conducive to adults, where adult owners and guest can experience a more quiet and relaxing environment free from distractions that sometimes come from family oriented pool areas.


Effective March 1, 2017 Las Palmas HOA will post signage in the “Adult Only” Pool Areas notifying owners and guests. The Las Palmas HOA will also request Las Palmas Reservations (LPR) to provide all guests checking in of the Las Palmas  “Adult Only” pool policy. Las Palmas security will monitor and enforce the “adult only “pool area. Security will be given direction to inform any individuals under the ages of 18 of the posted policy and provide information about our policy along with alternate pool area options in Las Palmas.


March – BAJA                       September – BAJA

April-GRANDE                     October -GRANDE

May- BAJA                            November- BAJA

June-GRANDE                    December-GRANDE

July – BAJA                          January – BAJA

August-GRANDE                February-GRANDE